Volunteer Shift Information

Updated Sunday November 22, 2015 by Greenfield Little League.

GLL is a volunteer run and based organization.  To ensure that the all aspects of the league run smoothly we have employed a volunteer program and deposit system.  We use an online service to book our needed positions which include coaches, concessions, raffles and clean up days.  Each family is required to volunteer for a minimum of 1 shift each season.  You are encouraged to sign up for multiple shifts if you would like to contribute more.  Once you select your shift you will receive an email from Volunteer Spot.  That email should be uploaded in PDF, TIF, JPG or PNG format.  You can convert it to these formats via a scanner or via a picture taken with your cell phone.  There is also a mobile app called CamScanner that can assist in converting a picture to a file that can be uploaded.  Once uploaded the volunteer coordinator will verify the shift and approve the file.

You should not upload a copy of your check.  We will collect and hold the $100 volunteer check and will not cash this check unless you do not fulfill your volunteer shift.  This is not part of registration fees and not included on your invoice.  Please mail your check along with a self addressed envelope to GREENFIELD LITTLE LEAGUE  PO BOX 20945  GREENFIELD WI 53220.  Once GLL confirms receipt we will verify that document.  

If you so choose you can also mail a paper copy of the volunteer spot confirmation along with your check to help assist in the league administration in verifying your documents. 

Please note that each team is only allocated 3 volunteer spots for coaching.  Coaches are required to fill out the application and also pass the background check before being assigned to a team.  They also are required to sign up for the coach shift on Volunteer Spot and provide the league with confirmation and the volunteer deposit. If the coaching application is denied they must sign up for another volunteer postion. 

Your volunteer deposit will not be cashed initially and will be held until the season has been completed.  Upon an audit of all volunteer shifts any family that did not fulfill their chosen shift will have the check cashed.  All other checks that were sent in will be returned only if you provided a self addressed stamped envelope.  Any check that does not include the envelope will be destroyed.  

If ALL games are canceled due to weather and fields are closed at the time of your scheduled shift you will have the shift counted as complete.  You are not required to sign up for another shift but it would be greatly appreciated if you chose to do so.